New and Replacement Air Conditioning Systems

​Serving the Greater Lakeland, FL area.

​LewmanAire is the company you can count on to get it right the first time. ​Avoid costly mistakes that ​could mean trouble for your ​HVAC unit in the future.

​Choosing the right ​​A/​C company is essential to insuring your new air conditioning system ​is maintained properly and provides years of cold air​. 

​See why ​Lakeland homeowners prefer & trust LewmanAire.

If a substandard air conditioning company, or handyman is hired to install your new or replacement unit, there are sure to be mistakes. Connections need to be secure, wiring needs to be safe, and the unit installed to code. With another company you may not get that level of quality.  We have technicians with the training and understanding to make sure that the installation of your air conditioning unit is error free.

Why Choose LewmanAire?

Our technicians will undertake installation with minimal disruption of your home or business, and will clean up when done. We treat your home or office with the same care as if it was our own.

Insured, Certified & Experienced Staff

Reliable, Thorough & Quick Service

Headache Free Maintenance programs

Installing Most Major Air Conditioner Brands & Models

We can install most major air conditioner brands and units. We have installed air conditioners in Polk County for over a decade and know what to expect when we install your air conditioning unit. We know where to run ductwork and how to best distribute the flow of air. You can depend that once we have completed the installation, your home or office will be cool and comfortable for years to come.

LewmanAire Is here for all your cooling & Heating needs.

Are you planning to install a new or replacement Air Conditioning System?  Call or fill out our online contact form now.  One of our friendly staff members will be happy to discuss the installation of your new or replacement air conditioning system.