Accurate Residential Air Conditioning Inspections

LewmanAire can give you peace of mind that your home’s air conditioner will not cost you time and expense down the road.

Residential Inspections

When buying an existing home in Polk County it is important to get your Air Conditioning System inspected.

When buying a home in ​Florida, you'd be sure to hire an expert exterminator to check for termite damage, right? Of course you would!  Wh​y would your A/C System be any different? Don't trust the fate of one of the most expensive systems in your house to a regular home inspector.  Why? Because they ​probably lack the training to perform a thorough inspection..

​It is imperative ​to hire a trained & knowledgable technician to inspect the ​HVAC system in a home you are looking to purchase​, otherwise you risk having critical problems missed.​

When you hire LewmanAire, we'll make sure that the air conditioner has been thoroughly inspected before you purchase the home. First of all, we'll remove panels to ensure components are in good working order, ​and we'll also examine ducts to make sure there are no cracks that could let air escape.

A general contractor or home inspector won't have the knowledge necessary to sign off on the fitness of an ​AC unit. The contractor has to inspect the entire home, so the air conditioning unit will not receive more than a cursory once-over. The result? ​Your air conditioner may work fine for six months, then stop working in the heat of the summer​ forcing you to pay ​repairs out of pocket.

​Avoid AC Problems before They ​become Problems With An Inspection From LewmanAire

It Is Important To Choose A Company Who Has Experience With Residential Air Conditioning Inspections. Make The Right Choice And Choose LewmanAire To Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Diagnosed And Repaired Correctly.

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Why take such significant risk when you are making a major investment in a house? Unlike with a home inspector, LewmanAire knows what to look for in a faulty AC Unit. ​Rest assured that LewmanAire's highly trained technicians​ have the right diagnostic equipment. This insures that you know exactly what condition the air conditioner is in before purchasing the home. You will not be in the dark about how long it will work, or if there is mold growing inside the system from an unseen leak. LewmanAire can give you peace of mind that your home’s air conditioner will not cost you time and expense down the road.

LewmanAire Is here for all your cooling & Heating needs.

Moving into a new house? Make sure you call LewmanAire for your Residential Inspection needs. We will schedule an inspection from one of our air conditioning technician experts and let you know what we discover.